The Life: Little Girls Don't Dream of Being Prostitutes

The Ojibwe family woke to a terrific banging in the middle of the night, and then the door of their tiny, homemade bungalow on the outskirts of Taos burst open. “Does Naivara’s mom live here?” one of several men loudly demanded. Shocked, a woman we’ll refer to as Kai nodded wordlessly, as her 4- and 8-year-old grandchildren, Naivara’s children, cried in fear. (As with Kai, Naivara is not her real name; her family requested that all names be changed.) 

The men, gang members, dumped Kai’s 32-year-old daughter on the floor and abruptly left. Naivara was unconscious and her skin was blue—she was in the midst of a heroin overdose. Kai got her to a hospital just in time for doctors to save her.